Waste 2.0

We’re seeing the future of building systems unfold in front of us, yet the business of wastewater treatment still essentially relies on 200-year-old design principles. Epic CleanTec, a product of CB Engineers research and development, is a green technology startup aiming to fundamentally transform how cities handle sanitation. Formed in partnership with Paulee CleanTec, a Tel Aviv-based environmental services firm, Epic is developing a revolutionary new approach to decentralized, on-site wastewater treatment that uses a proprietary process to convert wastewater solids into a dry, odorless, organically-based fertilizer, all within a single building. This nutrient rich product can be used to grow crops, enhance gardens, and beautify green spaces. The separated water, with solids now largely removed, can then be further treated for non-potable reuse within the building (toilet flushing, cooling towers, irrigation). This innovative system helps alleviate much of the burden currently borne by already strained municipal treatment facilities and results in significant savings for developers and owners. The future we envision is one in which “waste” is not waste at all, but rather a new basis for productivity, sustainability, and regeneration. To learn more, please visit Epic CleanTec.

Skinny Split

The Skinny Split is a novel air-conditioning system that provides complete air conditioning to multi-unit residential buildings. Our patented design takes up two-thirds of the space of a conventional mechanical air-transfer system and offers the highest standards of energy efficiency. The system’s inaugural installation is underway in two new high-rise residential buildings in San Francisco.