Wastewater 2.0

We’re seeing the future of building systems unfold in front of us, yet the business of wastewater treatment still essentially relies on 200-year-old design principles. Epic Cleantec, a product of CB Engineers research and development, is a water technology startup focused on fundamentally transforming urban water and wastewater infrastructure. Epic deploys onsite water treatment and reuse systems into individual buildings or groups of buildings, converting building wastewater into treated water for non-potable applications, natural soil amendments, and recovered wastewater heat energy. The Epic system can help a project reduce its water demand by up to 95%, which saves owners hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on their water and sewer bills. Born out of initial work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge," Epic reduces the cost and complexity of onsite wastewater treatment and reuse, lowering costs for building owners, easing strain on municipal utilities, and strengthening sustainability and resiliency efforts. Epic has been featured widely in prominent publications (FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, NBC Bay Area, TechCrunch) and was most recently named a Fast Company 2021 World Changing Ideas Award honoree in two categories - Urban Design and Spaces, Places, and Cities. To learn more, please visit epiccleantec.com.

Skinny Split

The Skinny Split is a novel air-conditioning system that provides complete air conditioning to multi-unit residential buildings. Our patented design takes up two-thirds of the space of a conventional mechanical air-transfer system and offers the highest standards of energy efficiency. The system’s inaugural installation is underway in two new high-rise residential buildings in San Francisco.